Today's guest started as a mortgage agent, before focusing on building his real estate business full time for the past seven years.  He has built a top producing real estate team while being able to balance his lifestyle, follow an active fitness regimen and spend time with his family. At the time of this recording he is expecting the birth of his baby daughter.  He is the Number One Individual Agent at RE/MAX Hallmark for the First Quarter of 2019, Number 5 Individual at RE/MAX in all of Canada, a consistent recipient of the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club Award, and has achieved the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award.

Let’s welcome: Moe Asgarian.

Learn how Moe's workout regimen helps him stay focused in his real estate business.  How he conquered the challenges he faced early on in his business.  Why it's important for him to balance his lifestyle and enjoy his business and family life.  Discover the mindset shift that really allowed his business to excel.  Find out how he identifies business opportunities.  And the journey of building his team and empowering others to be successful through a strong support system.

Today’s guest started in real estate in The Philippines at the young age of 17.  She moved to the US and then Canada, juggling many different jobs while building her real estate business.  She’s a RE/MAX Platinum Club award winner, and a recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome: Clarita Burley.

Learn about Clarita’s early challenges in real estate and how she overcame them.  The turning point that helped her grow her business.  And what you should let go of right now so you can really achieve success.

Today’s guest bought his first property at the very young age of 16 — before he could even legally sign for ownership of it.  He got his real estate license in his early 20’s, while accumulating several investment properties and providing his services to investor clients.  He is constantly growing and evolving, and shares with us his secrets about building a successful real estate career, and surviving a market shift.  He is a consistent top producer, earning the RE/MAX Platinum and Titan Club awards — and the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome Kash Alavi.

Learn what Kash did at such an early age to establish himself in the real estate business.  How he thrived this year by transforming his business amidst a changing market.  And what his non-negotiable daily activities are that lead him to consistently high sales production.

Today’s guest started her career working as part of a top performing team.  Her career evolved to the point where she eventually started her own successful team with her business partner.  She shares her journey with us as she built her business from the early challenges she faced just a few years ago as a brand new Realtor, to the successes she experienced which earned her the RE/MAX 100% Club award for the past two years.

Let’s welcome: Shannon Perrie.

Listen to how Shannon turned early challenges in her real estate career into a launching point for her successes.  Specific advice to help new Realtors quickly gain traction in the early years of their business.  And the critical element of a real estate business strategy you need to have to make sure you’re moving forward.

September 14, 2018

Work Smarter - Melissa Perry

Today's guest shares with us her journey from a new agent to earning the RE/MAX 100% Club award in just her second year of being in the real estate business.  She outlines a specific strategy she used when she started in real estate, exploring an opportunity other Realtors took for granted and turned it into the momentum she needed to build a loyal client base.  

Let’s welcome: Melissa Perry.

Listen to Melissa as she tells us how she keeps her business accountable as a way of measuring her success.  How she conducts her business to ensure her clients' success.  And the one word her clients describe her as, which signifies a quality you should have if you want to succeed in the real estate business.

Today’s guest got into real estate working as part of a team as an administrator.  She was encouraged to get her real estate license, quickly learned strategies that helped her become successful, and eventually journeyed down the path of starting her own team.  She gives us practical advice on the activities a new Realtor should do every single day, which will help them achieve their first breakthrough: earning a six figure income.  In fact, she executed these strategies to earn the RE/MAX 100% Club award after a few years of starting in real estate.

Let’s welcome: Kristin Kiraly.

Discover how Kristin jump started her business by overcoming one key challenge.  The strategies she used to set herself apart from the competition.  And what you shouldn’t be afraid of doing when you first start in the real estate business.

Today's guest is an entrepreneur and business owner, who owned a landscape architecture firm for 20 years prior to starting in real estate.  She explains how she overcame the knowledge gap when she first started in real estate, and the key strategies behind building a strong referral business.  She is a consistent award winner, having achieved the RE/MAX 100% Club andRE/MAXPlatinum Club awards, and she has earned the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let’s welcome: Sarah Kavoosi.

Discover Sarah's step-by-step process for learning and growing in the real estate business.  Why you should look at the fundamentals and go back to basics to nurture a strong business.  And the importance of working in the right environment and how it helped her become a successful real estate agent.

Today's guest got her real estate license and hit the road running, achieving early success while raising three young children.  She gives us insight on a key practice she consistently fulfills, up to this day, which has been the biggest contributor to her growth and success.  She shares with us what keeps her motivated, why it’s important to love this profession, and the importance of the culture and environment you work in.  She is a consistent recipient of the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club Award, and has achieved the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement awards.

Let's welcome: Barb Blaser.

Find out what Barb did, right after she got her license, which allowed her to start working with clients right away.  What she thinks you should focus on, and what to avoid.  And what you need to consider to welcome multiple sources of opportunities when building your real estate business.

Today's guest worked in retail and hospitality in her early twenties.  She got her real estate license but started part time while keeping her full time job and raising her young children.  A crucial turning point in her job and family life prompted her to take the leap into real estate full time. 

This leap turned out to be the launch of a successful career, earning her numerous awards including the RE/MAX Platinum Club and RE/MAX Hall of Fame awards.

Let's welcome: Ashlee Gerrard.

Ashlee shares the challenges she faced when she started in real estate.  The strategies she used to build up her business.  And the turning point in her real estate journey that led to her success.


Today's guest was an entrepreneur and business owner who transitioned into real estate.  He's an avid hockey player, and balances work and life pursuing what he enjoys.  He is a recipient of the RE/MAX 100% Club Award, RE/MAX Platinum Club award, and has attained the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award.

Let's welcome: Robert Archambault.

Learn what Robert did to make his transition into the real estate business an easier journey.  How he adds a personal touch with every person he meets.  And the two challenges he faced when he first started (and how he overcame them).

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